"Tactics is canon. It's a story that takes place 12 years before the first Gears of War, before the first Marcus Fenix story," Fergusson reveals. "It's a new squad, and of course, being a tactics game, you get to create a lot of that squad yourself in terms of customisation. The core though – who's there and what you fight – are intended to be canon."
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The landmark original returns, stunningly remastered and modernized for Windows 10 featuring all-new ultra-high definition graphics up to 4K resolution. Click “More” for details! The planet lies in ruin. An inmate named Marcus Fenix – once left to die – is humanity's only hope versus the relentless Locust. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 is loaded with new content including five campaign chapters not included in the Xbox 360 version. Windows 10 players will also receive the Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack and 11 bonus multiplayer characters. “...the best way to play Gears of War yet.” – The Verge This game has been designed to showcase the latest in PC gaming performance. To check if your specifications meet the minimum requirements, open System by clicking the Start button, clicking Settings, and then click About. CAMPAIGN FEATURES: · Every aspect of the original Gears of War has been beautifully remastered and modernized, including lighting, environments, characters, and cinematic scenes. This is the first at its best! · Play in stunning 4K with an unlocked refresh rate. · Includes five additional, exhilarating campaign missions that follow Delta Squad as they battle their way to Timgad Station not included in the Xbox 360 original. · Go deeper into Gears fiction with five Gears of War comic books, which can be unlocked and read within the game. · Remastered for 7.1 Surround Sound. MULTIPLAYER FEATURES: · The most visceral online shooter returns with multiplayer matches running on fast and fair dedicated servers with unlocked refresh rates. · Includes all original Xbox 360 DLC multiplayer maps and three multiplayer maps from the original Gears of War PC version for an incredible 19 total multiplayer maps. · Newly added multiplayer modes include Team Death Match, King of the Hill, Blitz and a special 2v2 mode designed by the Gears of War community. · Returning multiplayer modes include Warzone, Assassination, Execution and Annex. AND MORE: · All new Xbox Live Achievements and 1,250 new Gamerscore. · Handpicked gameplay improvements, alternate controls and a new difficulty level for players new to the franchise. · Support for keyboard or gamepad controls. · The Windows 10 version includes the Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack and 11 bonus multiplayer characters. *This game requires a DirectX 12 capable graphics card. Please refer to your graphics card vendors’ website for more information. RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR 1920X1080P · OS: 64 bit Windows 10 - version 1511 · Processor: Intel Core i5 @3.5GHz+ or AMD FX 6-core · Memory: 8 GB RAM (4 GB VRAM) · Graphics: GeForce GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290X · Hard Drive: 60 GB available space · DirectX 12 RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR 4K · OS: 64 bit Windows 10 - version 1511 · Processor: Intel Core i7 @ 4Ghz or AMD FX 8-core · Memory: 16 GB RAM (6+ GB VRAM) · Graphics: Geforce GTX 980 Ti or Radeon R9 390X · Hard Drive: SSD + 60 GB available space · DirectX 12 MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS · OS: 64 bit Windows 10 – version 1511 · Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2.7Ghz or AMD FX 6-core · Memory: 8 GB RAM (2 GB VRAM) · Graphics: Geforce GTX 650 Ti or Radeon R7 260x · Hard Drive: 60 GB available space · DirectX 12 KNOWN ISSUES: We are aware of an issue that sometimes occurs where the download progress bar does not accurately display progress, please be patient with your download or title update.
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JD, Kat, and Del reach out to Marcus, now a disgruntled COG expatriate, who reluctantly agrees to help them. The COG, led by First Minister Jinn, pursue the group after erroneously believing they are behind a string of mass-kidnappings. The four reach a Locust mass-burial site, where they uncover evidence suggestion that Adam Fenix’s lightmass weapon caused the Locust Horde to enter a cocooned metamorphosis state. Their fears are confirmed when various Locust Horde soldiers attack them in conjunction with the Swarm. The group receives assistance from Damon Baird, now a successful industrialist, along with Augustus Cole, and Samantha Byrne. They battle their way to the Swarm’s hive and defeat multiple Swarm and Locust monstrosities. However, they reach the hive to learn that Swarm’s hive-mind has forcefully integrated with Reyna. Kait frees her mother, knowing she will die but will no longer suffer. Reyna gives Kait a parting gift that belonged to her mother – a necklace bearing the insignia of the Locust Queen Myrrah.[13]

GoW gets four stars for the fact that the game could have had a little more by way of a twist a plot game play styling. It is pretty much a linear game that when you pass a checkpoint you are done with the previous sections like it or not. They should use automatic save points like the Cry Engine used in Crysis (fantastic game) and allow the player to really ambush the crap out of the enemy. GoW gets five stars for gameplay because it earned five stars for gameplay. It gives you everything that its genre demands and then some as well as solid game play mechanics that are seasoned to say the least.
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Players in Gears can only carry four different weapons, with the exception of the fourth game, allowing one primary weapon slot that can carry weapons which include, but are not limited to, assault rifles, a sniper rifle, grenade launchers and an explosive bow; one grenade slot, which may be filled with up to four grenades of a specific type (Fragmentation, Smoke, Ink and Incendiary), and one pistol-type weapon. Players can either obtain ammo or swap out their current weapons with any weapon dropped by a downed foe or from those scattered around the various maps. Most weapons feature the "Active Reload" ability: either after a weapon has depleted an ammo magazine or when the player starts a manual reload, a meter is shown on screen, and the player can attempt to stop the meter in a certain marked area. If the player stops the meter in the marked area, their reload will be completed faster than if they did not attempt an Active Reload, and if the player can stop the meter at a specific section of the marked area, they will gain a temporary slight damage boost with each reloaded shot and a faster reload. If the player stops the meter outside this area, their gun will become temporarily jammed and slow down the reload time. While most of the weapons are based on standard shooter archetypes, Gears's signature weapon is the Lancer, an assault rifle that has a mounted chainsaw bayonet which can be used in close quarter combat to instantly kill a standard foe. Most other weapons also can be used to bash opponents in melee, or in the case of grenades, can be stuck to a foe, exploding a few seconds later. In Gears of War 2 & 3, all four types of grenades can be planted on any reachable surface, detonating when an opponent comes close to it. If the opponent spots the grenade, he or she can detonate it from a safe distance by shooting it.
Mike Mahardy of GameSpot rewarded Gears of War 4 a score of 7 out of 10, reasoning "This is a shooter teetering on the edge of something greater, but despite the improvements it makes to the storied franchise, its missteps hold it back. There is inspiration here, and creativity in the way Gears of War 4 rethinks its multiplayer modes. But the lackluster campaign and technical issues are blights on an otherwise exhilarating shooter. The result is a whole that doesn't reflect the quality of its often stellar parts.".[42] Arthur Gies of Polygon scored the game with a 9 out of 10. Gies stated at the end of his review: "When I was finished with Gears of War 4's campaign, I remember wondering why it didn’t do more. The next morning, I was playing the game again, not out of obligation, but because I wanted to. Taken all together, Gears of War 4 doesn’t completely reinvent the genre, and it’s not always "bigger." But it’s a remarkably consistent, complete package with the kind of refinement and focus few other games can manage, providing excellent solo, cooperative, and competitive options that rank it as one of the best action games of 2016."[47]
If you want as much Gears 4 as humanly possible, check out the $99 Ultimate Edition. This version of the game gets you a set of Vintage character skins, permanent access to 24 downloadable maps, 17 extra Gear Packs and access to a special Developer Playlist that lets you test new modes and maps early. The physical version of the Ultimate Edition comes in a fancy steelbook case, while the digital version gives you access to the game on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

I only made it through about the first hour of the original on 360. It was a good game, but at the time, I had a lot going on in school and just didn't devote any time to it. I decided I'd give this version a shot after seeing the upgraded visuals. I'm liking it a lot so far. I'm a little over half way done with the story and it's been a great game so far. The shooting and cover system is very satisfying. Once I finish this one, I want to play GoW2 now that it's backwards compatible. This is an older game but it holds up.

Quite possibly the best shooter I have played on the Xbox360. While some people automatically rule Gears of War out because it is anQuite possibly the best shooter I have played on the Xbox360. While some people automatically rule Gears of War out because it is an over-the-shoulder, or Third-Person shooter, players need to give it a chance and allow themselves to fall into the gameplay.
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I love Epic Games, and Gears of War is just as good as Bulletstorm, meaning that it's awesome!! The story is great, the characters are good,I love Epic Games, and Gears of War is just as good as Bulletstorm, meaning that it's awesome!! The story is great, the characters are good, the gameplay is incredible, and the graphics are good!! Don't expect a look at online multiplayer on my Xbox 360 reviews, because I'm not going to get Xbox Live, and I hate online multiplayer, anyway. However, there are some minor bad things about Gears of War, which are the annoyingly dumb teammates (especially Dom) and the extremely frustrating 'kryll' enemies, which eat you alive if you don't stay in light, in act 2. Gears of War still gets a 10/10, though, and it's gotten extremely cheap now, so go buy it!!!… Expand
The person who wrote this article definitely has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to monster hunter world.Case and point the link included to one of their own articles (Halloween event) clearly states the run date for the Halloween event which ends a few weeks before AT Zorah but this article states it will be available after the AT Zorah event has ended showing that not only are they just regurgitating things they have googled from other more reliable sites but they cant be bothered to read their own articles referenced in their pieces.And please, please never, EVER refer to Hunter Rank as level again as It is the most irritating thing I read in the entire article and I have never heard or seen anyone refer to HR as your level from vets of 1000's of hours to newbies coming into the game.Terrible article, sorry for anyone who read it and thank for reading my comment which is purely factual and not at all misleading, the exact opposite of this article.P.S. would reccomend following Arekkz gaming on youtube for any monster hunter news you need.
I played the first game when it came out back in 2006 and enjoyed it, though the grayed style definitely put me off a bit, it was a graphical feat. This remaster will have the greatest effect on you if you have played the original version first or recently. First off the graphics are an immense upgrade and it is nice to see the first game brought up to current gen standards. They didn't just up the graphics though, to site an example, in the refinery level there is a ton of extra detail added in. From lots of added foliage to immulsion platforms out in the ocean. There are new details to see in most of the levels.
Kait Diaz is an outsider – a group that fervently rejects the dictatorial new cog that emerged from the ashes of the locust war. Her mother, Reyna, is the leader of her village. Extremely smart and capable, Kait has extensive knowledge of living off the land, the geography of the uncharted wilds, and how best to avoid the omnipresent cog security cameras.
If you really missed slicing gooey-looking aliens in half with a chainsaw-gun, fret not — Gears of War is back. Available now for Xbox One and Windows 10, Gears of War 4 is the long-awaited return of Microsoft's blockbuster third-person shooter series, introducing a new generation of heroes, tons of multiplayer options, and a host of new weapons that should make blowing up and beheading bad guys more satisfying than ever. So, grab your shotgun, duck behind cover and sit back — here's everything you need to know about Gears of War 4.

For anyone who owns a Xbox360 and is not playing Gears of War right now, it is imperative that you do so. Gears of War is an epic game created by.. well.. Epic Games. It is a 3rd person shooter that utilizes a somewhat tactical feel. You fight an alien/monster horde called the Locusts, and old-school shooter style, there are large bosses you must kill every so often. The online is more team based than the campaign mode, because you can revive your teammates (if you can reach them in time), and four guns always wins against one.
Gears of War 4 can be enjoyed on both Xbox One or PC. In order to play it on PC, you must have the Windows 10 Anniversary update. If you follow the steps we’ve outlined above, you shouldn’t run into any issues getting Gears of War 4 installed on your computer, and ready to go. Are you ready to see what this new chapter of Gears has to offer? Then what are you waiting for? Dive in and save the world.

Summary: Gears of War blends tactical action with survival horror and thrusts gamers into a deep and harrowing story of humankind's epic battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet. Lead war hero Marcus Fenix and his fireGears of War blends tactical action with survival horror and thrusts gamers into a deep and harrowing story of humankind's epic battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet. Lead war hero Marcus Fenix and his fire team as they face the onslaught of merciless warrior fiends. A revolutionary tactical combat system and breathtaking, high-definition visuals from the Unreal Engine 3 immerse you in a horrifying story of war and survival. A.I. teammates are indiscernable from human players. Voice recognition and real-time lip synching heighten the experience. The battlefield is a lethal place. To survive, suppress your enemy with blindfire, take cover in interactive environments, or use weapons and teammates to outwit your foes. [Microsoft]… Expand

"Having a game that we're building from the ground up for PC [means players] will be able to take advantage of all the types of different PC optimisation options you can have," Fergusson says. "You'll be able to max it to quite high. It's still reasonably early, but we can usually get to 120fps. It's obviously going to matter what hardware you're using to get that - but it'll be able to scale up that high, [if] the hardware can push it."
During the 1990s, online games started to move from a wide variety of LAN protocols (such as IPX) and onto the Internet using the TCP/IP protocol. Doom popularized the concept of a deathmatch, where multiple players battle each other head-to-head, as a new form of online game. Since Doom, many first-person shooter games contain online components to allow deathmatch or arena style play. And by popularity, first person shooter games are becoming more and more widespread around the world. The kind of games that are played at the more popular competitions are Counter-Strike, Halo, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Quake Live and Unreal Tournament. Competitions have a range of winnings from money to hardware.
With Gear 5 shaping up to be a real evolution of the core games, and Gears Tactics and Gears Pop! taking the series to unexplored territory, it's a time of change for one of Xbox's biggest exclusives. Whether fans will go exploring remains to be seen – and it's also worth noting that Gears Tactics in particular is only referred to as "PC first", not ruling out a later Xbox One appearance that could cause some to hold fire – but there's no denying that the changes and additions to the Gears of War universe announced today form the biggest shake-up of the franchise since Microsoft bought it.
Merely six weeks after the COG and UIR agreed to an armistice, the Locust Horde unexpectedly emerge from Sera’s depths and begin assaulting all human cities. The Locust Horde easily overwhelms the already battleworn COG forces during this surprise attack, referred to as 'Emergence Day'. The COG retreats to the Jacinto Plateau, their last bastion, and reluctantly bombard their own cities with the Hammer of Dawn to halt the Locust Horde’s offensive. The ensuing scorched earth tactic destroys much of Sera’s cities and human population. The COG continues to operate out of Jacinto, while the surviving humans, known as Stranded, are left to wander through Sera’s charred ruins. During the chaos of Emergence Day, Marcus led an unauthorized and failed rescue mission to save his father, Adam, from the Locust assault. The COG's leadership court martials Marcus and sentences him to life imprisonment.