As for this classic first run of the series that WAS thoughtfully ported to the PC, it is great and one that you can play over and over and over. It's discontinued now so if you haven't snapped one up for your collection yet I'd do it soon before they are all gone. Even almost 5 years later and after it has been discontinued this game has never dropped off in price due to it's popularity.
Multiplayer is also just ok. The Horde mode has changed considerably, and it's absolutely no fun playing by yourself now. I do wish they'd have allowed the inclusion of 'Bots' into that mode. Also, in Deathmatch, it's too bad you could not individually configure each bot with the hardness level. Now its all the same. GOW 2 allowed individual configurable bots on each team, and it added lots of depth to the game.
That seems like a fairly simple task, and one that can easily be completed within the allotted amount of time. This promotion is the spawn of a partnership between Microsoft and the US Air Force. Officially titled ‘Golden Wings Week’, veterans and newbies alike can secure their golden Lancer and Hammerburst weapons by simply playing a single match in one of Gears of War 3‘s many online multiplayer modes.
Thanks to its new cast and storyline, Gears of War 4 makes an excellent entry point for new fans — there's even a playable prologue that highlights the series' past. That said, there will almost certainly be plenty of references and easter eggs for those that have played the older games. Fortunately for those looking to catch up, buying Gears 4 gets you digital copies of the entire Gears of War Xbox 360 collection, which you can play on your Xbox One.
We've had a blast with Gears of War 4 so far. The game's campaign is a cinematic action romp that feels modern while staying true to Gears' classic gameplay, and its versus multiplayer provides lots of options for both hardcore and casual shotgun-slayers. The new Horde 3.0 mode nearly justifies a purchase alone, as you can easily lose hours strategizing while mowing down waves of enemies with your friends. We'll have a final verdict on Gears 4 soon, but if you love the series or are simply craving a great third-person shooter for both solo and multiplayer, the game is well worth it.

This is completely anti-consumer because no one within Microsoft or The Coalition was transparent enough about it. Some on the forums are speculating it's because of the microtransactions, they're trying to get you more relaxed with DRM, and others are saying it's because of they're milking the consumer to get more returns to please the shareholders. Just like Halo 5, we're not hearing a peep from the The Coalition or Microsoft. Either way, this is a betrayal to those Gears of War fans with awful internet connection and Gears fans in general who will own a 60$ frisbee if the servers crash or something.

With Gear 5 shaping up to be a real evolution of the core games, and Gears Tactics and Gears Pop! taking the series to unexplored territory, it's a time of change for one of Xbox's biggest exclusives. Whether fans will go exploring remains to be seen – and it's also worth noting that Gears Tactics in particular is only referred to as "PC first", not ruling out a later Xbox One appearance that could cause some to hold fire – but there's no denying that the changes and additions to the Gears of War universe announced today form the biggest shake-up of the franchise since Microsoft bought it.

Gears of War was developed by Epic Games. Cliff Bleszinski, who has previously worked on Epic’s Unreal Tournament games, served the series’ lead game designer for the first three installments. He was inspired by gameplay elements from Resident Evil 4, Kill Switch, and Bionic Commando.[4] The series was also guided by Rod Fergusson, the executive producer and director of development of Epic Games until 2012.[5][6] The first four installments of the Gears of War series used a modified version of the Unreal Engine 3 engine.[7][8] On January 27, 2014, Microsoft acquired all rights to the franchise from Epic Games. Canadian studio The Coalition developed Gears of War 4, which was released on October 11, 2016 for the Xbox One and Windows 10.[9]